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"Chris with EXECUTABLE has helped my business get our Facebook Ads setup as well as qualify leads using a chatbot for my real estate investing company. He knows his stuff and anytime I have a question, he is there to answer it and solve my marketing problems."

Mike W.

"Christopher was a delight to work with on collaborated projects.  He possesses marketing skills, public relations skills as well as software development skills that are vital to any Company. I would highly recommend Christopher and would be happy to work with him again."

Ufre E.

"When I needed to get leads to fill my pipeline, I was able to connect with EXECUTABLE and within a week, I started to receive qualified leads that I was able to turn into clients. He setup my marketing using Facebook and qualified them using a chatbot. I highly recommend them for filling your pipeline."

Toyal F.

"As a Loan Officer, it is becoming harder to find qualified leads besides getting referrals. And waiting on referrals is not going to keep me in business so I worked with Christopher @ EXECUTABLE and they setup the right Facebook and Google Ads to start getting in leads. And they added a quiz that would qualify those leads so I can eliminate the tire kickers and also know where my conversation needs to start with different types of leads. Thanks!"

Sancha W.

"Christopher is an absolute professional when it comes to marketing & web development. While working with our team, he offered ideas and strategies that not only made the application more functional for users, but also much easier for our team to administrate."

Ilena B.

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