How To Start Building An Email List Of Customers When You Don’t Have One

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In this episode, I make my podcast debut, give some background information about myself, tell you about what will be on this podcast, and even give you some tips on ‘How To Start Building An Email List Of Customers When You Don’t Have A List’.

In Digital Marketing, it is important that you keep your skills up and know what your options are. And as business owners, your main focus is on running your business. But in order to run businesses today, you must be digitally marketing yourself. Whether you are doing the marketing yourself or learning to run your own campaigns, you will get the information to close more deals and make more money online.

Your Business Needs Multiple Streams of Income

And as a business, it is great to have multiple streams of income coming in. You just never know that if one source dries up for a period or forever, you are not dead in the water. Just look at 2020 and how it is has hurt many businesses and most businesses having to adjust to stay afloat.

Finding other ways to make more money online is key to keeping your business running.

Building An Email List From Scratch

Building an email list of customers when you don’t have a list will help you make more sales because you can always communicate with your list and not have to pay to get in front of them. Unlike with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or other advertising, you will simply use your favorite email distribution platform to reach out and present your offer, for FREE.

Why Build An Email List?

Another great thing about building an email list of customers is, these email list susbscribers decided to be on your list. So you aren’t really a stranger and as you continue to mail out to your list, they become more warm and they become more familiar with you. And we know in business, people love to do business with businesses they know, like and trust.

How To Build An Email List

When building your email list when you don’t have a list, you need to know how to get customers on your email list. Things like lead magnets, chatbots, Facebook and Google Ads, YouTUBE videos, Instagram will help get people to your landing page to capture their information for your email list.

Email Is Still A Dominant Marketing Channel

Email isn’t dead as you may have read in some places online and it’s so far from the truth.  In marketing, Email has so many advantages over other marketing channels.  True enough, open rates are not always the greatest, but learning how to write good subject lines will help a lot with open rates.

Along with writing good subject lines to increase email open rates, sending quality and relevant content will keep your emails from the SPAM and unsubscribe box.

Is It Too Late to Build An Email List

But what if you haven’t started?  It’s never too late to start building your email list of customers.  Let’s say that you are a restaurant, you could offer a discount of free small desert, in exchange for their email information.  Or if you are a real estate agent, provide a list of properties in the area in exchange for someone’s email.

If you are looking to build an email list for cold outreach, checkout this article to help with email outreatch automation.

So check out the first episode of the EXECUTABLE ME podcast:

How To Start Building An Email List Of Customers When You Don’t Have A List

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