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Hi…my name is Christopher Walker.  For those who really know me, I’m just Chris, the guy from a small town in Georgia called Wrens.  I don’t have the typical sob story that you may get from some experts online because I don’t have one.  I didn’t grow up rich, but I didn’t grow up poor either.  I grew up in a two parent, middle class household with 5 other siblings.  I had everything that I needed and some of the things that I wanted, but the biggest thing that I grew up with was values.  I learned very early in my life about values and especially the value of integrity and the value of treating people the way that I would like to be treated.  Those values taught to me by my parents have helped me to this day in how I operate and focus on treating people in a respectable way, but also fairly with no judgement.  It has helped me to go from working with many clients in my software development years, teaching youngsters in high school as a teacher, and as a Director when working with subordinates.  I have always operated in a fashion that anyone, no matter who they are, can have a seat at the table. Because everyone has some type of value they can bring to a problem that can help bring forth a solution.

Back to me not being your typical rags to riches sob story, I didn’t drop out of college, I finished college.  Even went back to obtain a Master Degree that I completed.  I have had jobs that paid me very well, most recently the last few years 6 figures+.  I have a beautiful wife, 2 beautiful kids, and a great Boston Terrier dog named Tebow.  I have been blessed to live in the top school district in the North Atlanta suburb area and a house in a gated community with wonderful neighbors.

I have done many things that many could only dream of and probably would be satisfied.  I am not telling you this to boast, but even with all of this I just wasn’t as fulfilled as I thought that I would be. When it comes to how I thought I would feel before all of this, my thoughts were not like they are today.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  I knew it was not my family and marriage because I am always fighting to find more ways to spend more time with them. I felt quite accomplished from an educational standpoint although many have suggested that I go on to work on a Doctorate (which I refuse to do).  The one place I never received full satisfaction was with my job.  It was something that I had the correct skill set for, I did the jobs well, but I just never felt like they were fulfilling.  I have been places where I felt that my decisions were not valued as much and that because of politics, many of the decisions I had never came into fruition. Sure, as a Director of Software Development I was calling the shots, but of course I had others to report to as well.  I always had a business on the side.  I would do so well working with the client whether it was software development, online marketing, Facebook Ads, or Google Ads.  I took all of the proper steps with the clients, assisted them fully, and delivered great results.

In January, I started a 21 day fast with my wife and during that fast, I felt that God was giving me the clarity and focus that I needed to zero in on what I truly wanted and what I truly needed to do.  I knew that to get that fulfillment, I needed to begin by stepping down my title and devote my time fully to helping clients with my digital agency EXECUTABLE that helps businesses leverage the power of Facebook Ads and also build out their marketing funnel for the leads through automation.  I also knew that because of my background in teaching and my skill set in Software Development and Problem Solving, I could help others learn to use Facebook for themselves.  Working one-on-one with me is great because I pride myself in making sure that we get to the ‘light bulb’ moment.  If I don’t have an answer, I know that I can find it and bring back the information that’s needed.  I know how to provide you with EXECUTABLE, actionable steps to success using Facebook Ads.  Nowadays, I work one-on-one or in groups to help people learn how to use the power of Facebook Ads to gain new customers and I run my Digital Agency EXECUTABLE.  I also have a couple of Real Estate websites that I assist my wife with because she’s really good with Real Estate and we invest in Real Estate as well.

So again, no, I don’t have a sob story for you, but I have an honest one.  I allowed Fear to control me and became burnt out with the minutia of what society tells us we are ‘suppose’ to do to have a fulfilled life.  I can tell you that society’s plan didn’t work out for me and it’s not working out for a lot of people out there who may not have a sob story, but burnt out and tired of doing the same things over and over and just going through the motions.  I want to help you break out of that and I want you to contact me so that we can walk through ways to do so together.



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