How real estate agents can get seller leads using a chatbot

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If you are a real estate agent, you are mostly on the hunt for seller leads. Because if you can get a seller, then there is a high likelihood that they will need to buy. And also with listings come buyers that may not have an agent which you could work with to buy another home. But in marketing, it is more expensive to get seller leads than to get buyer leads most times.

Getting seller leads usually involve providing leads with lead magnets like seller guides but a lot of time providing a way to show a seller what their ‘Home Is Worth’. What I am working on rolling out in the coming days is making this possible through a chatbot. So when someone wants to know what their home is worth, they can get this information instantly through the chatbot and be prompted to provide their contact info to get a more accurate price from you, the agent.

By using the chatbot, you pick up a chatbot subscriber which gives you a way to instantly ‘chat’ with the lead and have more conversations as opposed to email which is very one way. Even if they don’t leave their email, you can ping them through messenger and do other cool automation that will free you up until you have time to have a longer conversation. This typically leads to a phone call and eventually clients. How cool is that?

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