How To Create A Facebook Page For Business To Run Facebook Ads

So let’s get started actually creating a Facebook page for your business. As you know, you need a Facebook page to be able to run Facebook ads.

It’s also good to be able to continue to brand your business and having a Facebook presence, even though it’s not as organic as it used to be, but it’s still a good way to be able to still connect with people that may be interested in your products and service.

And also if you want to be able to go live with your business page, you will need a Facebook business page. You many want it connected to a Facebook group that you may have, so it’s still actually very useful for your business.

So, we’re going to go to the homepage and on the left panel, yours may look a little bit different depending on how you have your Facebook organized, you can actually go over to pages using this link

So I’m going to click here and go to pages. And right here, you will see any pages that you’re actually managing, any pages that you’re an admin for a page, any of your pages, or you may be an admin for another page for whatever reason, but let’s go ahead and go over to the left panel where it says, create new page.

Depending on how Facebook updates their website, it may go to the corner over here and may go to another place. But it’s probably going to have something that says, Create New Page. So we’re going to go over here to the left side of the page, and we’re going to, Name The Page.

You want to name your page, your business name. So if you have, let’s say a real estate agency and it’s called XYZ agency or XYZ Realty or, if you’re a REALTOR you want to, probably use your name and probably append your name with ‘- real estate agent’ or something to that effect to continue to brand yourself.

The reason why I say this is when you create your name, you don’t want to go and try to change it to something totally different from what you’re actually working on, or what’s your product and services. Because when you try to change your name later, Facebook has to go through and look at your page, see if it’s relevant to what the page was to what you’re trying to actually do. If it’s not relevant, they may not change that page name. So make sure that you actually make the page a name that is related to what you’re actually doing.
Use your business name or if you are an individual or a solo-preneur, you want to just use your name.

Right here is category, which is required below Page Name. If you are a marketing agency, you want to click and search for the category in your industry.

Right here is a description. And you want to tell about what your business is, your products and services, so that you can, best describe what your business is.

Then the last step is click ‘Create Page’ and that’s it. If you have questions, please let me know.

You can check out the step-by-step video I made to give you a visual below:

How To Create A Facebook Page For Business To Run Facebook Ads

Video Description:
Been thinking about running Facebook Ads? Well you need a Facebook Business Page first to do so. I will step you through the easy steps to create your first of many Facebook Business Pages to run your Facebook Ads.

Although Facebook changed how business pages work by making them less likley to receive organic traffic, but if you want to run Facebook Ads, you need a Facebook Page to connect it to. The Facebook Page For Business will help you to continue to brand your business as it give you real estate on the platform for running Facebook LIVE’s and also connecting your Facebook Page to a Facebook group.

Having a Facebook Page is also important for creating a chatbot that I speak about a lot and you will need this Facebook Page for Business to connect the chat bot builder to.

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