Facebook Ads In Facebook Messenger Ads? Get Read For the Global Roll Out

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Looking for a way to market your business to even more people and even more avenues?  Well Facebook Messenger has already began rolling out with ads. Yes, soon, your business will be able to target leads while they message their friends and family on Facebook Messenger.  Users in Australia and Thailand have already began seeing these ads in their Facebook Messenger and other locations are rolling out now.

Facebook’s inventory of advertisers is continuing to increase and the fight for ad placement has become a bigger task for advertisers to place their ads in front of the right people.  By having the ability to place ads in Facebook Messenger, advertisers on Facebook’s Ads Platform can place their ads right where users are chatting with others.  This provides a great opportunity for Facebook to increase their revenue but also great for advertisers to place the right kind of ad in front of targeted users.  This would be a great place for mobile ads to target users on the go and using messenger.

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